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Pamkuu, a brand new era of robotics

Pamkuu is a new sub-brand of Walkera Co., Ltd. Based on profound software and hardware technical expertise accumulated over the past years in the realm of drone manufacturing, we are now dedicated to creating the most entertaining robots for all generations.

Pamkuu is a mythological figure in ancient China who created the new world. He is a symbol of great ambitions, strong will, devotion and strength.

Heavy Armor | DIY Skills | Easy Control | Multiplayer

The power of delicacy

  • Fully metal skeletons

  • Agile


Fully metal skeletons

The fully metal mechanical skeletons are surrounded by heavy armor. Highly precise structure, muscular figure and heavy hand feeling all make Pamkuu a worthy robot to play with.


The upper limb motion structure is composed of 9 powerful motors, making the robots possible to perform life-like human postures. For instance, the 4 omni-directional wheels and carbon brush motors comprise the powerful dynamical system that empowers the robots to move and turn however you want.

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Easy control

You could be a qualified warrior with Pamkuu GO APP in one minute! The way we control the robots is inspired by MOBA games. The left side is for directions while the right side is for skills, greatly reducing the playing difficulty.

Fair competition, who is the winner?

  • Weapon system

  • Damage sensing

  • PK system


Weapon system

Pamkuu weapon system is comprised of cold and hot weapons. Cold weapons generate damage to other robots by touching the sensors on the front chest while hot weapons by emitting infrared rays in the distance. The weapon system of Pamkuu robots will be continuously updated, more and more cool weapons will be brought to the Pamkuu family.

  • Cold weapons
  • Hot weapons

Damage sensing

The damage detection system is made up of magnetic sensors and infrared sensors, which make the robot able to sense damage. The life-like battle experience is definitely a test of your control skills and combat strategies.

PK system

Start mulptiplayer gaming experience by getting at least two Pamkuu robots, there will be multiple ways of playing. Effective strikes on the front chest will generate loss of HP value, when your HP is down to zero, your robot will be uncontrollable before it revives.

skill name |
action 1
action 2
action 3
add action
add action

Design your exclusive skills

This function makes it possible for players to adjust the angle of the shoulders, arms, elbows, wrist, and waist.
Each skill can be made up of as many as 50 gestures. You could also name your skills and choose their logos.

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